Enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep

Reasons for Orthodontists to Recommend Open Spaces™ orthodontic headgear pillows

1. Patient Comfort.
Over 17 years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients prove to Open Spaces™ Pillows help patients adjust to their intraoral appliances / facebow headgear.

2. Safety.
Orthodontists report some patients remove orthodontic headgear during the night to improve their comfort.  This removing headgear during the night can be a safety issue.  Open Spaces™ pillows make headgear wear more comfortable thus they are less likely to remove their headgear.

3. Better Facebow Mechanics.
Ever notice how one side of a Class II case becomes Class I before the other side?  You can use a unilateral facebow or Ortho Kinetics Kaprelian facebow swivel to correct it or, minimize or prevent the problem with Open Spaces™ pillows.

The Open Spaces™ Pillow allows for more symmetrical pressure to be applied by the facebow.  The facebow has less sideways pressure from the facebow sandwiched between the head and the pillow.

Prevent unwanted movement. Recommend Open Spaces™ pillows.

4. Show you care. 
Distinguish your practice by offering services that your local colleagues do not yet offer.   Do moms talk about orthodontic practice’s care and service?

5. It doesn’t cost your practice anything.
Patients order Open Spaces™ pillows directly from us.  We ship the Open Spaces™ pillows directly to them.   You only recommend the pillows.

Your practice can download our Open Spaces™ promotional order brochures by going to our website.

6. Improved headgear compliance.
If children are more comfortable, do you think they may wear headgear more?

7. Made in USA.orthodontic headgear pillows for more comfortable children
Our Open Spaces orthodontic headgear pillows are Crafted with Pride in the USA.

Our orthodontic headgear pillow Order Form is always available from your printer!

You can print our order form to tell patients, friends, relatives or others about the Open Spaces™ Pillow.

We now offer the Open Spaces™ Order Form as a downloadable file.