Enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep

How We Got Started - History of Open Spaces™ pillows for Orthodontic Headgear…

orthodontic headgear pillows for more comfortable childrenThe boy in the picture is my youngest son Ethan and the story begins when he started wearing braces and orthodontic headgear. Ethan is not a complainer by nature so when he had problems sleeping with his orthodontic headgear, I didn’t know about it until he started falling asleep in school. He tried everything to get some relief including sleeping on a Nerf™ football. Nothing worked. Nothing except removing his headgear.

Sleepless in Orthodontic Headgear…

He finally asked me to make him something to help him sleep. I started with an old king size pillow, tore it apart and resewed it with a large hole through it. After a few alterations the pillow became smaller in size and the hole became a slot which accommodated Ethan’s facebow headgear and cheek. And to my amazement, it worked!

Every morning Ethan would wake still wearing his orthodontic headgear after a good night’s rest.

But a new problem arose … Ethan had friends who also had dental problems and were in orthodontic treatment. He felt sorry for them so he started lending them his pillow. Initially I was livid that he was lending his pillow out. Then I was struck by a Eureka! Moment … many children have this problem, maybe there is a market for this orthodontic headgear pillow.

After extensive research, I realized there were no pillows quite like ours. I contacted a patent attorney, did some more research and applied for a patent.

I am currently introducing the pillow to orthodontists in hopes they will recommend it to their orthodontic headgear patients. All kids deserve a good night’s sleep!

Paula Emery, Inventor of Open Spaces™ pillows.

P.S. By the way, we did get the patent and have sold Open Spaces™ to Ortho Kinetics™, the orthodontic headgear leaders!

From the people of Open Spaces™/Ortho Kinetics™ … makers of orthodontic headgear

We know that everyone has different sleeping habits. But it is our sincere hope that this unique pillow will help your child adjust to their new program of treatment. It works best in helping face down and side sleepers adjust to their headgear.

Again, thank you for trying our pillow!

Please let your orthodontist know this pillow helped your child so they may refer others to us.